Your Guide to Last Minute
Dog Cancer Miracles

(What to Do If You Don’t Have Time to Spare)


Marty and Me

Unfortunately, by time we discover our dog has cancer, it’s often because the disease has gotten pretty advanced. So advanced sometimes, that we don’t have the ‘luxury’ of months to find a cure – we need a miracle right away.

Many of the dog owners we work with feel paralyzed – and lost – helpless – and alone.

If you find yourself in this ‘crisis’ situation, the “Guide to Last Minute Miracles” is for you.

But even if you do have the ‘luxury’ of time, you may still find these ‘quick start’ recommendations extremely valuable at the start of your dog’s cancer care.

The Guide to Last Minute Miracles is an emergency plan for dogs who are struggling and need immediate help if they’re going to make it through…

It shows you the best things I’ve found that can help create those miracles – so you can give your dog the best possible chance to get through the toughest of times and get back on the path towards healing…

And while these crisis situations can be difficult (and sometimes just not possible) to turn around – I’ve seen many miracles (even my own dog Marty), where dogs on the brink of death have turned it around and gotten back to health again.

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And remember…

“While there are never any guarantees,
as long as there’s life,
there’s always hope for miracle.”

I hope this helps…

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